Learn even more reasons to love Australia’s favourite hot drink.


Is there a better way to greet an early morning than with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the air, brimming with the promise of a delicious cup soon to be yours? The folks at Merlo Coffee certainly don’t think so, and just once before you hit the daily grind, you should visit their Bowen Hills Torrefazione for a Coffee Appreciation session.

Held at each of their Torrefaziones (Italian for ‘roasting house’) once a month, these sessions are sure to delight, inform and satisfy the interests of all coffee lovers, from your quarter-strength caramel latte drinkers, right through to those who prefer their coffee short, black and untainted by milk or sugar. Don’t be scared by the early 7:30 am start – with the coffee (almost literally) on-tap, your caffeine cravings will soon be quenched by the skilled baristas.


After your first cup, the morning starts with a bit of a history lesson. Your guide takes you through a history of Merlo and its rich Brisbane roots, a background of coffee and its origins, and an explanation of the process ‘from crop to cup’. If you’ve ever had a burning question about those humble little beans and how they find their way to your mug, now is the time to ask, with an expert in the field available and eager to help you.

After a light breakfast – and more coffee! – take in the grandeur of Merlo’s pride and joy: their new Brambati Roaster, shipped to Brisbane all the way from a small town in Italy. The huge, gleaming blue machine can pump out 300 kilograms of roasted beans per hour and is a wonder to watch. The entire process takes about 20 minutes, so if you’re lucky, you may see the process from beginning to end.


If you love the smell of freshly baked bread, you’ll love the smell that fills the warehouse when this machine is at work. Gain some insight from one of Merlo’s passionate roasters, who’ll talk you through how coffee plantations are selected, where the different flavour profiles in the beans come from, and how the delicious blends you’ve just sampled are brought together.

Before you leave, don’t forget to grab your goodie bag filled with samples of Merlo’s products, and if you can hack it, another coffee for the road!


By Jasmine Clarke


Merlo Coffee Bowen Hills Torrefazione
t: (07) 3620 4200
a: 10 Thompson Street, Bowen Hills

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