Three days with Hello Fresh – the company that not only delivers fresh groceries, but also tells you how to cook them.


Hello Fresh is a new food delivery service that sends fresh produce and recipes to your door. They offer three- and five-day boxes for two, four or six people. You can choose between a classic box and a veggie box, as well as a few other promotional boxes.

The recipes, which change each week, are designed by professional chefs to be great tasting, healthy and not take too long to prepare and cook. If you want to see the sort of thing you’ll get, you can see past recipes online.


We had a three-day box for two people delivered, which included the produce we’d need for three evening meals. Our Hello Fresh box was delivered on a Tuesday and we had tactically not done a big Coles shop over the weekend in anticipation of our delivery – we were putting our meals in the hands of the meal planning experts at Hello Fresh.


In your box you get a whole pile of fresh veggies, herbs and spices – measured out – and a cooler that contains your meat and other easily perishable items. You’ll even get advice on how to store your herbs to keep them fresh for longer – in a glass of water with a plastic bag over it in the fridge.


Meal one was Spiced Chicken with Tahini Yoghurt. There was a little tub of yoghurt, small bags of tahini and sumac spice, chicken breasts and all the vegetables we’d need. The dish was light and citrusy, and the couscous made the meal robust without being heavy.


Day two’s meal was Pork Fillet with Crushed Potatoes. There was a beautiful loin of pork – vacuum packed for freshness – as well as herbs, spices and vegetables all included. The pork was very tender and the drizzle of dressing really lifted out the flavour. This hearty meal was easy to clean up after and we even had a bit of rocket leftover, which we used for lunch the following day.


Lastly we had Caramelised Eschalot Risotto. The risotto was quite labour intensive (as all risottos are) because you have to keep stirring it the whole time it’s cooking. It’s worth noting too that this meal was vegetarian.

First we popped our eschalots in the oven to get them lovely and golden brown, before getting started on our risotto rice. When everything was cooked, we grated the Parmesan on top and added a squeeze of fresh lemon.


We’d definitely use Hello Fresh again. It’s a great way to try new recipes that you might not otherwise have thought of. You learn new cooking techniques and use great ingredients that you may not have used before. And the whole process is made so simple by the clear instructions and easy-to-follow recipes.


By Christina Wylie


Delivery is free and a box for two people for three days costs $64, which works out at just under $11 per person per meal. Hello Fresh currently delivers to most major suburbs in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.


Hello Fresh
t: (02) 8188 8722

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